Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Turmoil, the Relief

Within each of us, there is a constant struggle for existence, its purpose, and the associated action. Each, a whole in parts. There are always tidal waves of thoughts running through the mind. Some nostalgic, some prompting action, some of the past, some for the future. Sometimes, action occurs instantly, sometimes not so fast. There is pondering, hesitance, fear, apprehension. Sometimes, and unexpectedly so, you become a free-soul, not worried about anything and that is a wondrous state of mind in which, the best of action takes place. The whirlwind of thoughts fast escaping as I try to capture them on the keyboard. It is often though that while engaged in other activities, lots of good thoughts escape never to come back. Techonology, therefore, is a handy tool. Any recording application on your mobile phone now allows you to speak into it at a moment's notice. One needs to be aware and alert to make the most of the modern tech-savvy era.

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