Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Good and the Bad

It is always very hard to define what is good and what is bad, in universal terms. Is it a norm that all humans are born saintly, good, and will always behave so and that it is only the environment and circumstance that turn a an individual to the conventionally defined wrongs and evils? However, there is a very fine line between one's good and the other's bad and vice-versa. Each one's point of view differs, line of thinking differs, aspired goal differs and hence, the definitions of good and bad. Conventionally, what Robin Hood did was wrong but then he gave his loot to the poor and under-privileged so the bad was converted to good. Then, is it true that this balance of good and bad is kept on an individual level? In society? In the human race? And, if yes, then is it a conscious effort or a nature phenomenon? The chaos of daily life turns many individuals to meditation, yoga, prayer, God, inward seeking, etc. Is this a necessary element? Does it occur out of need or is it an inner calling? Does that inner calling then prompt one to turn away from his or her definition of evil and strive to do only good? Typically, since this inner calling comes to the majority much later in life, with a few exceptions like Prince Siddhartha, where does that effect of environment and circumstance fade away that has accumulated over so many years? Is a human capable of changing oneself to that extent? How does one remove oneself from the stereotyping and prove to be a changed person? And prove to whom other than yourself and for what to others? The modern era is a race for materialistic things more than anything else. And paradoxically, there is an upsurge of spiritual endeavors. Why? Is Man trying to overcome the evil of materialism with the good of spirituality? (And who defined materialism to be bad and sprituality to be good!)Is he trying to re-discover himself? Is he merely trying to find peace amidst the chaos when that peace is actually hidden inside him, within him and can be found with no conscious effort towards spiritualism. That, I feel, is the magic of the human mind.

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