Monday, February 13, 2012

Faith, Belief, Religion, God

Often there is a lingering thought whether there is such an identity as God or not? Is it a form, a supernatural energy, or a tangibility given to a ruling ethic that will enable moral functioning of society? Is it a reliance in circumstances where intellect fails or is limited? Is it necessary for this reliance then to take forms of different religions, different "forms" of God, different beliefs and norms to live by? Why cannot each person define his own ethics, norms, his own "God"? Will that not be suffice to lead a life away from the defined evils and sins? Then, is it necessary that religion and God exist for the benefit of the so-called masses who may or may not have the developed intellect to conjure up their own "God"? Will not self-awareness and the need to do conventional good in life lead to the epitome of good karma and in turn the formation of a human society that by and large will be good and one which stays away from all conventional evil?

It is, perhaps, easier to ask questions than come up with a solution. Looking at the history of religion and mythology did there really exist personalities capable of miracle who were later put on a pedestal and defined as God? Were they not mere Earthlings with an intellect in their given time? Did they ever face a situation of limited intellect? Whom did they turn to then to rely upon? To solve their problems and be their God? Will the enability of each individual to have the urge to always do good and turn to no defined evil on purpose remove the need of defined religions and in turn the upheaval of religious wars and mayhem caused by inter-faith beliefs and norms? Is karmayog the solution to all problems? The question still remains whether the ego will always permit good karma. If the done good deed fails to produce the desired results, will that individual then still indulge in ceaseless good karma no matter what the results? Will the human mind gain that capacity to selflessly do conventional good karma notwithstanding the outcome? Will the ego allow that? Will every human in any capacity be able to overrule the ego to keep good karma in order? And then again, how or who will remove the grey area between good and bad karma? Unfortunately, everything is not black and white and can change change shades of grey based on each one's circumstances, background, up-bringing, experience, tenacity, nature, and of course, the in-built ego. So, will the state of evergreen good karma be achieved by development of the intellect to the extent where it can ALWAYS decipher when the ego should or should not be supressed?

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