Tuesday, February 14, 2012

News and Mind Sets

This is a usual routine for the majority these days to get up, find their mobile devices and check emails. Some are much awaited, like replies to the ones sent to friends and relatives. Some come unexpectedly and with equally unexpected news. The email says little and yet speaks volumes especially if coming from someone you have known well and care for. Immediately, your mind springs into thought. What could be the matter? Why was the email not more explicit? Should I call? Should I give more time? Hope things are not that bad! At our last meeting everything seemed perfect. Now, what could have changed? A million thoughts run through your mind at breakneck speed. Next, you think of action. You search through your diary and cell phone for possible contact numbers. After all, the news is unexpectedly and from a person who is close to you but with whom you have not been in regular touch. No number! The person is in an unreachable location right now. The email talks about catching up in March. But, that seems very far away. You sit down and reflect. You hope for the best in the heart of hearts. You ponder on whether telepathy really works. You console yourself saying the involved is strong enough to bear whatever comes. The thought of the involved's well-being nags you as you go around taking care of the daily chores, and other duties. You think of sending another email. You type. You erase. You type again. You hesitate; your finger on the send button. You almost press it but then drag it away. Is this the right time to send the email asking more? Will the recipient be in a mind-set to tell? Again, a million questions. You drag yourself away from the issue. It will have to wait you tell yourself. It is futile to ponder and worry about right now, you tell yourself. It is a struggle between thought and action as are so many situations in life. But, as someone has wisely said, "There is a right time and place for everything." To tap into that and keeping the flow of life is, therefore, key.

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