Friday, February 10, 2012

On a Rainy Day...

With the skies closing in and shedding in abundance, the day starts on, to some, a gloomy, murky grey note while to some, on a nostalgia invoking, creative, cozy morning to be enjoyed with exercise, followed by a hot cup of tea and warm buttered toast; maybe even a thought provoking film or movie that sets the mood for more creativity. The mind is abound with so many colors, of action, of thought, of hopes and desires, of whys and why nots. The good part is it always finds options in the toughest of situations even. That is the magic of the mind. It is the most unknownest of knowns. Knowns may not be the right word, but let's say a most felt presence, one with life. Well, this again, maybe incorrect to say. Perhaps, the mind lives on with the soul even after death. Considering its vivacity, its profoundness, this very well may be true. The mind, if ever discovered in physical form must be an accordion, or an onion, unfolding in layers, creating something beautiful, having its own ways, doing what needs doing and undoing what it feels should never have been. It is this magic of the mind that enthralls me. It is a beckoning of a good life.

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