Thursday, March 29, 2012

Walk Along the Lake

It was yet another rainy day that took me back to the good,old days of living in Abingdon, U.K. However, the evening cleared up wonderfully and I actuallly managed to go for a walk after a lovely but heavy lunch at the Lakeside Country Club with many other cheerful SSA ladies. A walk along the lake is always heartening for the soul and body (with no evident results though!). The nip in the air was just right and birds were chirping in high melodies. For the first time, I noticed there are three types of ducks in and around the lake. Some with white and black feathers and red boils all around their eyes and upper neck. Some jet black, smaller in size with velvet-like black fur on their heads and upper neck, and some just plain beige, black and white ones with no red boils around their eyes and upper neck. Wonder what each of them are called! One furry, velvety black neck one was having a merry bath in the waters. It kept dipping its head in the water and coming up and shaking off the wetness on its back with a sudden shudder. Then down it went again for another dip. The bright red Nerium oleander was in full bloom in one of the backyards. The water of the lake a clear, still dark blue, almost greyish-black but yet with an engaging shimmer. The fountain rose and fell in abundance. My pace was steady and the recent back trouble seemed to be in check. I and my thoughts, we walked hand in hand, mingling, interlacing, breaking free to catch onto yet another ponderous thread. Now, I really need to find the headphones to my Iphone in order get those audio books rolling! As usual, too less time and lots to do, yet I shall keep at it. Trying, struggling, falling, and getting up to be on the go again.

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