Friday, March 2, 2012

Thinking Anew

It is funny how the brain works. Sometimes, an idea or a thought overrides your daily functions and routine until it is addressed and, hopefully, resolved. And then again, the more you resist something or averse something - something as virtual as a thought, the more it grips you and consumes you. On the contrary, if you let go and think of the positives of that thought, all of a sudden, everything seems easy, almost fun. That just goes to show how each one's potential is more often than not, curbed by one's own internal fears, apprehensions, and speculation. Then again, there are days when one's confidence, positive thinking potential is on the upsurge and others where everything seems dismal and hopeless. It is on days like the latter when one has to make a conscious effort to carve that positive groove. What then moves one from the negative to the positive? Can glucose levels provided to the brain alone make that change? Maybe not! Sometimes, something more is required. Good friends, a lilting piece of music, good company, something thought provoking on TV, a heart to heart conversation, a nice long walk in fresh air, a sweat-inducing work-out. Many things like these can help. The root of all these being diversion from the base thought for a while which then enables one to envision that same thought in a different light; then, invariably, thinking about it in a more positive light since the negative has already been exhausted. I think that's how it works!

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